Jacques de Haan
Harald Harvey
Secretary and Communications
Tanya McKenzie
Constitutional Sub-committee Chairman
Geoff Norris
Fence Sub-committee Chairman
Redge van Resnburg
Anti-poaching and Western Gate Sub-committee Chairman
Francois du Toit
Ecological Sub-committee Chairman
Raymond Steyn and Steve Lansdown
Game Off-take Sub-committee Chairman
Francois du Toit
Research Sub-committee Chairman
Jacques de Haan
Management Plan Sub-committee Chairman
Colin Salmon
Human Impact Plan Sub-committee Chairman
David Evans
Greater Mapungubwe TFCA Sub-committee Chairman
Colin Salmon
Financial Management
Colin Salmon
Tanya McKenzie
P J van Rensburg
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Contact Details

Postal Address:

P.O. Box 83
Lentswe Le Moriti


Jacques de Haan
Tel: +27 82 787 1474

Vice Chairman:

Harald Harvey
Tel: +27 82 804 3197


Tanya McKenzie
Tel: +27 31 761 3440
PO Box 985
Hillcrest, 3650
Fax: 0866 711227