Northern Tuli Game Reserve
The Northern Tuli Game Reserve (or Notugre) is a Game Reserve spanning some 72 000 Hectares of privately-owned land in the north-eastern sector of Botswana’s Tuli Block.

It is bordered by South Africa to the South and Zimbabwe to the East. Notugre is an integral part of the Greater Mapungubwe Transfrontier Conservation Area (GMTFCA)

Notugre is a landowners association which has been formed through members’ common interest in conservation. The association advises members upon- and assists members in- developing and using the Reserve within an acceptable ecological framework as an integral unit to the best benefit of the land, the people, the owners and the country by optimum wildlife utilization and encouragement of tourism as a major form of land use.

The association is established for the protection and preservation of the fauna, flora, ecology and heritage of the Reserve, by and for the benefit of members.

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